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About Us

/Who Are We

Marvin and Monika are Amsterdam based financial advisors. Their goal is to protect you from financial pitfalls, some of which you didn’t even know were there. They primarily guide first time homebuyers and expats. Their work scope consists of purchase-, investment- and mortgage advice, tax reduction, risk management through life- damage- and disability insurances and retirement plans. The firm is highly knowledgeable of the local rental and real estate market, the city rules and government regulations. Assurantie Beheer Groep has a client base of about 1700 families, some of which have been with the company for more than 13 years. They are more than just clients, they have become our friends, and we’re proud to know them by name.


Assurantie Beheer Groep

We specialize in

 Financial Advice, Tax Advice, Risk Management

since 2001. No empty promises, we deliver quality.

Led by Marvin Oduber and Monika de Ruijter, who themselves have invested, build and sold and dozens of units in Amsterdam in their 14 year partnership. Their local knowledge goes far beyond just mortgage advice. It’s a total financial analysis that takes about 40 hours to complete for an individual. If you want quality work than, thats what it takes.


15years of experience
1706satisfied customers
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/What We Do

We advice on the whole spectrum of your financial wellbeing. Most clients come to us, because they want to buy a property. Often the rental prices are higher that the cost of a mortgage. Dutch legislation, social security and taxes are extremely complex. There are so many rules, it’s almost impossible to do it right yourself. You need a guide to set it up correctly. That’s what we do.


Finding the right property. Considering local rules and regulations. Properly estimating the Value, Price Negotiations, Building Inspection, Choosing from dozens of Mortgage Types, Interest Fixation Periods, NHG, and optimizing all these thing fiscally. Borrowing money to obtain a house in Holland is not as simple as in many other counties. Our government literally chances the rules on a yearly basis.


When you purchase a property, it’s important to look at the biggest risks that are of influence on your financial well being. We cover the risks of living long and happy, through retirement planning, the life insurance risks including the financial care of partner and offspring, risks of disability and unemployment. Finally we also insure risks like theft, fire and water damage to protect your assets.


A solid financial advice is dictated by tax rules. Optimizing deductibles are the core of all our advice. We handle the Exclusions, Exemptions and Loopholes. The second thing that guarantees a solid advice is the fact that we act solely as your representative. We do not accept any payment from any insurance company or bank. We advice you to the best of our ability, and the savings go back to you. Thats how we build our relationships.

Succes is not measured by what you take from this world. But what you give back.

- Bobby Brandt -

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89Flat Fee

  • 2 Hours
  • Not Deductable
  • No Commision
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Buyers Realtor

550Flat Fee

  • 7 Hours
  • Not Deductable
  • No Commision
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Risk Management

550Flat Fee

  • 7 Hours
  • Tax Deductable
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Michaela Witlox

Marvin en Monika zijn echt financieel specialisten. Ze hebben alles voor me geregeld, van de aankoop tot aan de belastingen. Erg prettige samenwerking.

Omar Jongens

The insurance management group has taken care of our mortgages and retirement, as well as life insurances, disability for many years now. I would even consider them my friends.


/And how we are insured

Below a list of a part of our Licenses and Diploma’s. Displayed is also our professional insurance against damages caused by us, for financial services and investments, and our registration at the Chamber of Commerce.  In all our years in business we are proud to announce we have never had a single claim.

Your advisors

/Meet the team

Marvin Oduber

Financial Advisor / Investment Advisor

Licensed Certified Financial and Mortgage Advisor in both Holland and USA. Background in Business Administration and Marketing Hogeschool Enschede. in For more background info:

Monika de Ruijter

Financial Advisor / Tax Specialist

Licensed Certified Financial and Mortgage Advisor. Background University of Amsterdam, graduated in Tax Law. For more background info:


97%Investment Advice
96%Risk Management